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FastSearch Demotion with FS4SP-PowerShell

If you have to globally demote a type of document in your fast search results, you can do it via FS4SP powershell with a pretty cool function called “AddPromotedExpression”.

AddPromotedExpression takes in input your FQL expression applying it to all the query submitted in FAST.

Here the powershell lines:

$SettingGroup = Get-FASTSearchSearchSettingGroup -name “GUID of the site collection that hosts your search center site ”
$GlobalPromotions = $SettingGroup.PromotionsWithoutKeyword
$GlobalPromotion = $GlobalPromotions.AddPromotion(“DEMOTE  BCS RESULTS”) 
$GlobalPromotion.BoostValue = “-4000”     //DEBOOST
$fqlEx = ‘and(path:starts-with(“bdc3://”))’      //MY Business Connectivity Service RESULTS TO DEMOTE



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