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FastSearch Demotion with FS4SP-PowerShell

If you have to globally demote a type of document in your fast search results, you can do it via FS4SP powershell with a pretty cool function called “AddPromotedExpression”. AddPromotedExpression takes in input your FQL expression applying it to all the query submitted in FAST. Here the powershell lines: $SettingGroup = Get-FASTSearchSearchSettingGroup -name “GUID of … Continua a leggere

FAST pills #4 : Crawling User Profile

If you don’t like to get an access denied error message when you crawl the user profile at root sps3://sp2010 or you hate to search people and find 0 results, you have to grant to the Default Content Access Account permissions to the User Profile Service Application. Go to the Service Applications page, click on User … Continua a leggere

FAST pills #1 : Mapping Crawled Property to Managed Property

Create a Managed Propery for a refinement mapping to Crawled Property by POWERSHELL: $mp = New-FASTSearchMetadataManagedProperty -Name MPname -Type 1 $mp.Description = “Description” $mp.RefinementEnabled = $true $cp = Get-FASTSearchMetadataCrawledProperty -Name CPname New-FASTSearchMetadataCrawledPropertyMapping -ManagedProperty $mp -CrawledProperty $cp $mp.Update() You can see the update in Sharepoint Central Admin in FastQuery Managed Properties menù… 😉

What is FS4SP?

Questo è un documento che mi è stato utile all’inizio del “viaggio” per comprendere l’infrastruttura e le potenzialità offerte da FS4SP.. Search connects people to the information they need to get their jobs done. Your organization wants to make decisions about when to invest in new projects, and where to make them to create a … Continua a leggere

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